Saturday, May 27, 2017


Arlington Park 1-7-Pinchme I'mdreamin  2-5-School Board Prez  3-8-Crooked Lady  4-3-Mac Attack  5-3-J K's Dream  6-2-Countess St Michel  7-3-Maxus  8-5-Red Corvette  9-9-Zosia  
Belmont Park 1-1-Dark Roast  2-2-Terminal Speed  3-4-Our Caravan  4-2-Testosterstone  5-7-Southern Union  6-5-Ditch Em  7-1-Now Blessed  8-5-Small Bear  9-7-Bow Town Cat  10-6-Bats Cleanup  
Churchill Downs 1-6-Twenty Gauge  2-4-Moon Gate Warrior  3-5-Fleet Bertie  4-1-Ruffolo  5-6-Majestic Angel  6-2-Soliloquy  7-3-Champagne Problems  8-9-Hidden Garden  9-8-Why Not Be Queen  10-8-Pleasant Tales  11-2-Silver Wraith  
Golden Gate Fields 1-No Selection  2-6-The Gotham Year  3-1-Monsajem Accrete  4-2-Sexy Code  5-6-Midvale Magic  6-1-Upended  7-3-Cartoonist  8-5-Mysterious Journey  9-7-Smoking Forty Five  
Gulfstream Park 1-4-Very Colorful  2-5-Dubull  3-7-Playa Zaragoza  4-9-Run Saichi  5-7-Forever Di  6-10-King Mauro  7-9-Ola Yola  8-2-Terry's Charm  9-4-Money Or Love  10-3-Arthemisa  11-4-Hopetown  12-1-Cabo Norte  13-11-Gran Ciudad  
Pimlico 1-2-It's A Plane  2-5-Legend Keeper  3-3-Justice For Sheena  4-12-Royal Ruse  5-5-Spin Move  6-13-Freudland  7-3-Nathan The Great  8-13-Bottle Dance  9-3-Plenty Elusive  10-15-Huracan  11-7-Arwen  12-1-Tanque  
Santa Anita Park 1-5-Sivali  2-5-Sekondi  3-No Selection  4-5-Thorpe D'oro  5-3-Pretty Girl  6-10-Saint Dermot  7-3-Watch This Cat  8-No Selection  9-4-Awesome Heights  
Woodbine 1-1-Deputized  2-6-Lady Brie  3-5-Dr. Harkness  4-5-Alessio  5-3-Above All Odds  6-5-Evil Woman  7-7-Eye On Berlin  8-7-Starship Jubilee  9-6-Call Me Wally  10-10-Conquest Too Smart