Thursday, September 21, 2017


Arlington Park 1-No Selection  2-5-Bull Market Richie  3-No Selection  4-8-Saturdayatbernies  5-3-Heza Great Friend  6-7-All Strikes  7-7-Queenoftheroad  8-7-Yenisey  9-11-Heaven's Buzz  10-2-Mister Mcgehee  
Belmont Park 1-2-New Member  2-6-Mr. Hot Stuff  3-8-Beautiful Chaos  4-1-Try Flying  5-6-Kulin Rock  6-6-Bolita Boyz  7-4-Bahnahno  8-7-Tiz A Chance  9-No Selection  10-1-Irish Ensign  
Churchill Downs 1-No Selection  2-8-Sabbatarian  3-7-Burnt Bluff  4-16-Skip's Song  5-9-Golden Fire Fly  6-2-Silver Soiree  7-2-Lady Rubi  8-9-Laughing Levi  
Gulfstream Park 1-1-Leaving Dixie  2-1-Traffic Express  3-3-Dreaming Of Gold  4-7-All Hundreds  5-6-Sheplayswithfire  6-7-I'mawreckingball  7-7-Mexican Lucky  8-9-Eye Of The Lion  9-3-Reina La Kelsy  10-13-Little Leo  11-7-Olgiata  12-9-Mad World  13-6-Raquella  
Los Alamitos 1-1-Skagit River  2-1-Wow Its Hot  3-1-Part Of My Heart  4-2-Derby Factor  5-8-Twisted Candy  6-3-Justabean  7-5-Plain Wrap  8-1-Land Of The Free  
Oak Tree At Pleasanton 1-No Selection  2-No Selection  3-No Selection  4-No Selection  5-7-Eiger's Thorn  6-6-Uncle Steve's Girl  7-2-Terrell's Pen Pal