Sunday, November 19, 2017


Aqueduct 1-5-Smidge  2-6-Jet Black  3-4-Nobody Move  4-10-Ride To The Sunset  5-No Selection  6-11-The J Y  7-11-Bonita Springs  8-4-Square Shooter  9-6-Electro  
Churchill Downs 1-9-Rockaroo  2-5-Kieran Street  3-5-Drinks On Broadway  4-7-Snack Shack  5-5-Brilliant Destiny  6-10-Cutacorner  7-16-Lynah Rink  8-9-Fulkerson  9-7-Western Elegance  10-11-Vanquish  
Del Mar 1-6-Funny Bean  2-1-Moonlight Blue  3-1-Eye Of The River  4-8-We Will Re Joyce  5-9-Yo La Tengo  6-10-Lake Time  7-8-Resky Business  8-3-Prime Issue  9-10-Tatar  
Golden Gate Fields 1-2-Mexicat  2-4-Infamous Style  3-5-Hillbilly Rockstar  4-6-American Royalty  5-1-Underwrite  6-No Selection  7-4-Siberian Charm  8-2-Awhitesportscoat  9-2-Hub Cap  
Woodbine 1-2-Bayful  2-6-Trust Is A Must  3-4-Uncatchable Fire  4-7-Now Play Nice  5-2-Gold Backed  6-5-Jimbo Five  7-2-Victorian Lass  8-3-Enchanted Tale  9-6-Chancee  10-13-Tinker Ring