Saturday, January 13, 2018


Aqueduct 1-6-Thirsty Donnerstag  2-6-Flipped  3-No Selection  4-3-Toast To Ghost  5-8-Candid Desire  6-7-City Traveler  7-1-Bow Town Cat  8-6-Old Time Revival  9-7-Simma Cum Laude  
  7 City Traveler   13.60 5.30  
Golden Gate Fields 1-2-Hunted Gal  2-3-Skye Nova  3-1-Sparkle Shine  4-No Selection  5-2-Namorita  6-1-Askin' For Trouble  7-No Selection  8-7-Ur Not My Presidnt  9-3-Mia's Storm  
  1 Sparkle Shine 16.80 6.20 3.40  
  3 Mia's Storm   7.20 4.20  
Gulfstream Park 1-10-Monetary System  2-2-Altruism  3-6-Bazillion Bells  4-12-Solve  5-4-Tiebaj  6-3-Millionaire Runner  7-10-Princess Power  8-16-Ours Again  9-1-Inside Out  10-16-Big Boy Bruno  11-2-One Go All Go  12-2-Sand Dancer  13-1-Festival Academico  14-3-Willy Vagabundo  15-6-Naranjo En Flor  16-13-Indy Cat  
  2 One Go All Go   17.00 6.80  
  2 Sand Dancer   4.60 3.40  
Santa Anita Park 1-8-Morning Call  2-6-In Heat  3-No Selection  4-3-Prince Of Arabia  5-1-Muchos Besos  6-5-Reign On  7-2-Ajac  8-7-Shenandoah Queen  9-5-Red Carpet Cat  
  1 Muchos Besos 47.20 15.60 6.00  
Turfway Park 1-2-Stroll By Link  2-8-Saturdayatbernies  3-7-Tweety Show  4-8-Rankhasprivileges  5-6-See The Bird  6-1-Balizar  7-6-Warden Of The West  8-11-Numbers Never Lie  
  8 Saturdayatbernies     2.20  
  7 Tweety Show     5.60  
  5.80 4.20 2.60  
  6 See The Bird     4.00  
Oaklawn Park 1-13-Wicked Rascal  2-8-Treasury Bill  3-4-Tiz Too Much  4-2-Mucho Macho Dan  5-7-Major Brown  6-12-Misdeed  7-7-Speedy Fellar  8-1-Rachel's Temper  9-5-Augie  
  8 Treasury Bill     7.40