Saturday, November 11, 2017


Aqueduct 1-5-Southern Union  2-7-Hy Brasil  3-6-Brimstone  4-1-Tell Me Ma  5-6-River Knight  6-6-Capo Dei Capi  7-3-Tathqeef  8-12-Messi  9-2-The I Man  
  6 River Knight   13.80 9.80  
  2 The I Man     10.80  
Churchill Downs 1-No Selection  2-6-Cash Ticket  3-9-Little Kansas  4-1-Net Gain  5-1-Red Alert  6-2-I'mluckysgirl  7-16-Vindicta  8-10-Lagoon Of Diamonds  9-6-Almoreb  10-2-My Bariley  11-1-Greeley And Ariana  
  1 Net Gain     6.20  
  10 Lagoon Of Diamonds     6.80  
Del Mar 1-5-Warm It Up  2-6-Carrie  3-4-Yes I'm Ready  4-1-Bacoli  5-6-Italiano  6-3-Atomic Rule  7-1-Kanthaka  8-1-Demigoddess  9-8-Ucanthankmelater  
  8 Ucanthankmelater     4.60  
Golden Gate Fields 1-6-Condiment  2-2-Whisky N Roses  3-2-Pebble Beach  4-6-Manitou  5-5-Stormin Bunny  6-8-Nowhere Man  7-6-Go Bobby Go  8-3-C C Rocks  9-5-Academic Code  
  2 Whisky N Roses     3.60  
  5 Stormin Bunny 11.00 5.20 3.60  
  6 Go Bobby Go     3.20  
Woodbine 1-5-Point Of Order  2-3-Brass Compass  3-5-Runaway Brenda  4-3-Forestella  5-10-Splash With Me  6-1-Mamita's Chica  7-10-Lillie's Answer  8-1-Crumlin Queen  9-6-Stormfuhr  10-3-Dupes  
  5 Point Of Order   20.70 7.70  
  3 Brass Compass 21.80 6.60 3.90  
  3 Forestella