Friday, September 8, 2017


Arlington Park 1-2-Limeshare  2-5-Face To Face  3-No Selection  4-5-La Activa  5-7-Jericho  6-7-Next Monday  7-4-Mas Mischief  8-1-Lord Turnem  
Belmont Park 1-2-Daniella  2-2-Forres Lily  3-No Selection  4-8-River Knight  5-8-Dats Her  6-5-Too Fast To Pass  7-4-Rockin Alli  8-3-Boos  9-4-Competitiveness  
Golden Gate Fields 1-1-Corazon Del Fuego  2-No Selection  3-5-Royal Knight  4-6-Executive Cat  5-3-Golden Mission  6-2-Awe  7-6-Unusually Green  8-5-Coachwhip  
Los Alamitos 1-No Selection  2-2-Silic's Angel  3-5-Captain Walker  4-3-Southern Darling  5-1-Sea My Moves  6-4-Badasmywifeletsmeb  7-4-Bold At Night  8-10-Colonel Peggy Sue  
Woodbine 1-1-Perfect Ella  2-5-Cat's Whisper  3-3-Crushin Hard  4-9-Sophias Dream  5-2-Tobruk  6-6-Sams Destiny  7-2-Eumenides  8-11-Padre Pio