Sunday, September 3, 2017


Arlington Park 1-1-High Diver  2-4-Betruetoyourschool  3-No Selection  4-2-Last Spring  5-5-Lee's Luck  6-2-Diastole  7-6-Away She Glows  8-4-Summer Seashell  9-5-A Nice Slewish Boy  
Del Mar 1-6-Kaabraaj  2-8-Eichel  3-5-Cash Pilot  4-4-Stoneys Mr Cruiser  5-3-Bombardeo  6-11-Tea For Tam  7-10-Ain't Misbehavin  8-8-Double Touch  9-6-Go Ghetto  10-5-Pali High  
Ellis Park 1-7-Beaver Trapper  2-8-Show Me Indy  3-1-Tumultuous Gal  4-2-Thundercloud  5-3-Blue Haze Of Fire  6-3-Dreamer's Point  7-2-Rage Riot  8-9-Silver Turns Gold  9-4-Jodynbud  
Ferndale 3-No Selection  4-1-Posse Belle  5-2-Ragtime Beat  6-No Selection  7-2-Prince Of Paris  8-2-Victorious Nation  
Golden Gate Fields 1-No Selection  2-No Selection  3-6-Bunker Buster  4-No Selection  5-4-Pepper And Salt  6-6-Vronilla Parfait  7-12-Rose Among Thorns  8-4-Carnaby Cat  9-3-Hot Market  
Gulfstream Park 1-6-Pep The Champ  2-1-Flying To Star  3-6-Betting On Red  4-4-Forever Di  5-1-Kaylie's Girl  6-1-Mighty Fine  7-2-Here Comes Surgio  8-5-United Song  9-1-Ariel's Flyer  10-5-Little Cristian  11-2-Coronado Again  12-7-Casual Caro  13-7-Mon Potin  14-2-Cuando Sera Lunes  
Monmouth Park 1-12-Bapu  2-3-Kiss Me Kenzie  3-6-Sammy's Mineshaft  4-7-Sophia's Heart  5-2-Tizcreetly  6-3-Exotic Appeal  7-14-Trish's Wish  8-4-Bear Moon  9-2-Rmilliondollarbaby  
Saratoga 1-3-Pegasus Red  2-14-Hardly Mate  3-No Selection  4-4-Fairybrook  5-9-Gold Lace  6-7-Mad Munnys  7-2-Miss Aliphant  8-3-Scheme  9-4-Tasteful  10-7-Royal Inheritance  11-1-Lake Party  
Woodbine 1-3-Sonic Cyster  2-4-Midray  3-5-Cape Zavata  4-1-Greenfield  5-9-Exceed The Speed  6-8-Virga  7-5-Brass Compass  8-1-Nashville Knight  9-8-Mighty Quinn  10-4-York Ranger  11-12-Icrywheni'mdrunk