Friday, September 1, 2017


Arlington Park 1-3-Appollos Baby Girl  2-6-Ready To Fight  3-5-Brewmistress  4-6-Latin Wild Cat  5-1-Checkmate Charlie  6-7-Fatty Langbein  7-3-Wind Cheater  8-6-Outside In  
Del Mar 1-7-Humid  2-3-Clean Living  3-14-Hes Knot Unusual  4-5-Lighthouse Point  5-10-Shakti  6-7-Hotsy Dotsy  7-9-Unpossible  8-2-Path Of David  
Ferndale 1-No Selection  2-1-Rafter F Whata Darl  3-2-Tulipia  4-No Selection  5-No Selection  6-No Selection  
Golden Gate Fields 1-1-Weltheon  2-4-Pepper Sharp  3-3-Wynn Direction  4-6-Byebye Mr Swiss  5-4-Shine On Me  6-3-Southern Liberty  7-1-Causeway Carolyn  
Gulfstream Park 1-6-Grand Nenuco  2-3-That's A Myth  3-4-Crown To The Gold  4-4-Seminara  5-6-Total Temper  6-8-That Charlie  7-7-Imnaha  8-No Selection  9-9-Zip To Fly  10-1-Camilita Andrea  11-5-Mr. Tom  
Saratoga 1-4-Sir Maurice  2-8-Lyrical Tale  3-7-Silver Assault  4-3-Lyrical Miracle  5-8-Kristofferson  6-10-Questeq  7-4-With Exultation  8-2-C Z Rocket  9-4-Alabama Bound  10-4-Spring To The Sky  11-1-Artic Storm Cat  
Woodbine 1-3-Fullthrottle Kid  2-5-Luckbealady Now  3-1-Lovin Spoon Phil  4-7-Iris Will  5-8-Lake Manitou  6-4-Bold N' Foxy  7-7-Hangtime  8-13-Master Macduff