Thursday, August 31, 2017


Del Mar 1-4-Here Is Happy  2-6-Trinitys Turn  3-4-Sweet Treat  4-1-Rafter One  5-2-Spinyatta  6-6-Streak Of Luck  7-2-Indriya  8-11-Sooner Boomer  
Golden Gate Fields 1-No Selection  2-No Selection  3-3-Lacey's Rainbow  4-3-Tanned Mistress  5-No Selection  6-7-Dorian  7-3-Caliente Shuffle  
Gulfstream Park 1-6-Lost For Words  2-1-Horner Man  3-3-Little Victoria  4-No Selection  5-2-Sweet Story  6-3-Whiteheelgirl  7-3-Bakyt  8-6-Yes Hezsocool  9-9-Tempter  10-6-Dont Come Knockin  11-10-Leaving Dixie  
Saratoga 1-2-Balance The Budget  2-6-Sicilia Mike  3-5-Crafty Concorde  4-2-Rip Loves Maize  5-2-Mr. President  6-4-Lord Of Love  7-11-J J's Dreaming  8-2-Manifest Destiny  9-2-Oldfashioned Style  10-8-Kerry Boy