Sunday, August 27, 2017


Arlington Park 1-3-Devout Type  2-No Selection  3-4-Go Oshie Go  4-4-Dancing High  5-1-Kyzan  6-1-Suspenders  7-No Selection  8-1-Shakurr  
Del Mar 1-7-Mia's Storm  2-4-Seaquet  3-3-Allsquare  4-No Selection  5-4-Taima The Hawk  6-8-Munny Spunt  7-13-Dynamic Duo  8-1-Buckys Pick  9-4-A New Trend  10-3-Quiet Dude  
Ellis Park 1-6-Reality  2-7-Tenacious Rival  3-1-Awesome Zip  4-2-The Big Mo  5-5-Spoofy Doo  6-3-Owl Creek  7-4-All The Juice  8-3-Albano  9-14-Empress Alberta  
Gulfstream Park 1-7-Miss Biondetti Rae  2-6-Fletcher Is Golden  3-6-Ready With Honor  4-No Selection  5-7-Congressionalstorm  6-2-Jill's Catch  7-5-King Nephrite  8-7-Til The End  9-3-Reina La Kelsy  10-6-Perennis  11-12-Andrew The Bull  12-No Selection  13-11-Halsey  
  6 Fletcher Is Golden 5.60  
Monmouth Park 1-3-Rory P.  2-2-Rainbow At Midnite  3-8-Airborne Ranger  4-5-Bat Cave  5-4-Arnold Ziffle  6-11-Pinot Grigio  7-13-Play It Again  8-1A-Hidalgo  9-2-Countess Geraldine  10-10-Unruly Heir  11-4-Brother Chub  12-3-Royal Cashmere  
Saratoga 1-No Selection  2-4-Junonia  3-4-Perro Rojo  4-4-Ranger Lady  5-8-Wine Halo  6-3-Truly Courageous  7-6-Mo Promise  8-8-Dr. Edgar  9-7-Miss Katie Mae  10-13-Fairy Link  
Woodbine 1-1-Diamond Vision  2-2-Forest Brother  3-1-Winstanley  4-2-Extremist  5-7-Power Pop  6-7-Switchblade  7-5-Deep Blue Sea  8-7-Valentine Wish  9-7-Conquest Too Smart  10-4-Ofelia Girl  11-4-Wonnestrut  
Ferndale 1-No Selection  3-4-Posse Belle  4-No Selection  5-2-Roaln With Bolen  6-1-Latitudefortytwo  7-4-Penporium  
Golden Gate Fields 1-2-Kykee  2-4-Mr. Discipline  3-3-King's To You  4-6-What'd I Miss  5-5-Olympic Jumble  6-1-D J's Super Tiger  7-5-Warrens Lil Margie  8-5-Tribal Storm  9-2-Singaprayer