Saturday, August 26, 2017


Arlington Park 1-7-Bowknot Billy  2-3-Royal Seven  3-2-Crusader Girl Too  4-6-Mongolian Time  5-8-Congrats Given  6-2-Glimmer Of Light  7-1-Lemon Drop Twist  8-2-Tinderella  9-4-Tam  
Del Mar 1-5-Mostly Cloudy  2-8-Dixie Crystal  3-6-Precious Dixie  4-1-Unchanged  5-7-Wildcat Kaos  6-7-Eckersley  7-5-Stone Hands  8-10-He Could  9-2-Solid Wager  10-2-El Nino Fable  
Ellis Park 1-4-Allie Grace  2-6-Ellio  3-7-Closing Strike  4-8-Bourgeois  5-2-Sweet Betty  6-3-Benediction  7-6-Bold Shot  8-6-Fareeq  9-11-Mucho Mas Grande  
Gulfstream Park 1-6-Mad Patriot  2-7-Cheating  3-3-Potochon  4-2-Lonesome Palm  5-3-Runaway Bull  6-2-Beneficiary  7-4-Madroos  8-3-Darn That Parker  9-7-Mr. Morningstar  10-8-Warranted  11-8-Last Kiss  12-4-Tale Is Told  13-13-Bluff Boy  14-11-Blackrock Star  
Monmouth Park 1-10-Indigo Heart  2-No Selection  3-4-That's Angelina  4-3-Gourmet Delight  5-8-Papa Freud  6-1-Windcries  7-4-Discreet Lover  8-7-Hidden Intentions  9-6-Capt. Grider  10-6-Ambassador Sweet  11-3-Diana's Vendetta  12-10-Royal Cashmere  
Saratoga 1-3-Belle Tapisserie  2-5-Kabang  3-5-He Takes Charge  4-8-Candid Desire  5-5-Derby Champagne  6-5-Eskenformoney  7-1-Birdatthewire  8-5-Ann Arbor Eddie  9-8-Tale Of S'avall  10-1-Frank Conversation  11-6-Girvin  12-4-On Leave  13-2-Admirals Cove  
Woodbine 1-6-Spun From Gold  2-1-No Soup For You  3-6-Ladies Night  4-5-Detroit Steel  5-5-Niigon's Glory  6-11-Seewill  7-5-Salieri  8-9-Crumlin Spirit  9-3-Reserved  10-6-Splash With Me  11-10-Awsome Moi  
Ferndale 1-No Selection  2-No Selection  3-No Selection  4-4-Carter H  5-5-Plai Kaew  6-No Selection  7-2-Brite Cristian  
Golden Gate Fields 1-3-Don't Keep Time  2-6-Let's Havanuther  3-1-Finish Wealthy  4-7-Amber Louise  5-1-Call Saul  6-7-Pasz The Pepper  7-3-Sought More Pep  8-5-Syndrome  9-3-Tribute To Oscar