Friday, August 25, 2017


Arlington Park 1-No Selection  2-No Selection  3-2-Sho Poke  4-3-Greeleys Delight  5-9-W W Distinction  6-6-Always A Catch  7-1-Hint To Win  8-5-Bulldog Of Bergen  
Del Mar 1-6-Fashion Fair  2-No Selection  3-4-Treasure Hunter  4-8-Silent Movies  5-6-Wit And Wisdom  6-8-Goodwood Mirage  7-1-Shenandoah Queen  8-2-Dovetail  
Ellis Park 1-3-Rainyinbetween  2-7-Bagpipes  3-8-Lngtermrelationshp  4-1-Willies War Wagon  5-5-Baraway  6-7-I'm The Reason  7-5-Zargaux  8-4-Focused  
Monmouth Park 1-5-High Mischief  2-1-Lu Lu Laura  3-3-Kubu  4-2-Dark Roast  5-2-Steady Heat  6-10-Magna Fortune  7-2-Honest  8-9-Sassy Humor  
Saratoga 1-8-Misty Forest  2-8-Toohottoevenspeak  3-4-Somekindasexy  4-8-Mr. Hot Rocks  5-5-Alien Invasion  6-12-Hardly Mate  7-9-Barrel Of Dreams  8-6-Tudox Lifting Off  9-7-Changewilldoyagood  10-1-Dynamax Prime  11-3-Tiz Wicked  
Woodbine 1-6-Prison Padre  2-5-Juan Stormy Night  3-4-Bella Figura  4-4-Slovenia  5-14-Jack Straight  6-1-Mister Nada  7-7-Ultralight Beam  8-8-Conquer The Course  
Ferndale 1-No Selection  2-2-Little Bitty Cher  3-No Selection  4-6-Let's Go Everybody  5-6-Zoomzoomania  6-5-Sharp Hooq  7-2-Astounding Abby  
Golden Gate Fields 1-4-Vintastic  2-4-Monarca's Journey  3-No Selection  4-7-Lil' Oly  5-1-North Pacific  6-7-C J's Dream  7-4-Ptolemy  8-3-Grits And Guts