Saturday, August 19, 2017


Arlington Park 1-4-Spectacular Act  2-1-Dancing Nora  3-1-Ready To Fight  4-4-Justice Prevails  5-7-Saidtomyself  6-7-Scoreearlyandoften  7-3-Gold Star Kid  8-4-Just Jim  
Del Mar 1-4-Second Gear  2-No Selection  3-2-Calvert Street  4-11-True Ranger  5-9-Icy Street  6-2-Conformation  7-12-Mr. Roary  8-6-Donworth  9-9-Rockin Rudy  10-1-Kenda  11-5-Warm It Up  
Ellis Park 1-7-Lady Temple  2-6-Full Clip  3-4-Ready By You  4-7-Tia Flor  5-3-Repent With Me  6-7-Rollover Risk  7-15-Smart Remark  8-2-Small City Girl  9-13-Karma  
Gulfstream Park 1-6-Lil' Charlie  2-7-Elusive Harmony  3-6-Go Cristian Go  4-1-Dizzy Gillespie  5-4-Albert Charles  6-1-Gone Jak  7-3-Total Temper  8-10-Mighty Fine  9-15-Skipper Dancer  10-9-Taverni Bay  11-4-Diddley  12-11-Military Brat  13-11-Vieja Mana  14-6-Boton De Oro  
Monmouth Park 1-5-Thorpe  2-5-Megacosm  3-6-Agonistic  4-6-Don't Make It Easy  5-8-Steve Came Thru  6-5-Deference  7-10-Pescara  8-1-Full Of Charge  9-5-Quality Asset  10-1-British Bulldog  11-1-Always Thinking  12-2-Josh's Hero  
Saratoga 1-4-King Of New York  2-11-Kentucky Club  3-6-Murrell's Belle  4-7-Aquaphobia  5-10-Pure Shot  6-7-Race Me Home  7-7-Bonita Springs  8-5-Berned  9-3-It Tiz Well  10-9-A Change Of Heart  
Santa Rosa 3-No Selection  4-3-Millennium Brew  5-3-Golden Caramel  6-5-Wings Of The Wind  7-4-Justamitch  8-4-Torre Italiana  
Woodbine 1-3-Splendid Glory  2-6-Klassy Delight  3-5-Iceberg Alley  4-6-Sine Metu  5-1-Covina  6-5-Eldorado's Soul  7-2-Stop Who's That  8-7-Conquest Panthera  9-3-Bear's Pride  10-9-Kaili's Big Boy