Sunday, August 13, 2017


Arlington Park 1-No Selection  2-3-La Candelita  3-7-Pinchme I'mdreamin  4-No Selection  5-No Selection  6-1-Spring Me  7-3-Bizzee Mischief  8-7-Storming The Beach  
Del Mar 1-No Selection  2-1-Picture Tube  3-6-Rainbow Squall  4-11-Dynamic Duo  5-3-Puig  6-5-Munny Spunt  7-2-Lake Time  8-5-Brimstoned  9-3-Poco Suenos  
Gulfstream Park 1-4-Leonides Da Roma  2-2-Pillango  3-1-Casual Caro  4-4-Beautiful Ally  5-1-Savingtime  6-6-Two Jacks Wild  7-9-Mr. G T  8-3-Expect An Entry  9-6-Lets Go Irish Man  10-3-Imperial Secret  11-4-Fletcher Is Golden  12-7-I'm Really Sumthin  13-4-Mr. Nak  14-2-Honorable Dan  
Monmouth Park 1-4-First On A Roll  2-6-You Promise  3-No Selection  4-2-Echale Salsita  5-8-Smart And Tough  6-7-Shades Of Grey  7-2-Play It Again  8-5-Fevered Affair  9-No Selection  10-9-Ruthless T  
Saratoga 1-7-Kissin Cassie  2-2-Super Duper Girl  3-No Selection  4-5-Dot Matrix  5-8-Tyndall  6-7-Tiffanys Freud  7-8-Not Taken  8-6-Tempestad  9-8-Same Kinda Crazy  10-6-Admirals Cove  
Santa Rosa 2-4-Dizzy Dancer  3-No Selection  4-3-Bellasario  5-6-Sweet Little Zip  6-5-Blue Temptress  7-8-Nevadan  8-1-Handful Of Pearls  9-4-Holy Yodeler  10-7-Please Do  
Woodbine 1-2-Forester's Forum  2-5-Ain't My Fault  3-7-Alert Green  4-2-Slovenia  5-14-Gilded Warrior  6-11-Take Your Place  7-2-Monastrell  8-5-Keen Gizmo  9-10-Don Camillo  10-9-That's A Stretch  11-12-The Accuser