Saturday, August 12, 2017


Arlington Park 1-1-Our Thomas  2-8-Reigning Catfish  3-7-America Mon Amie  4-8-Bruise  5-3-Kyzan  6-9-Meadow Mystique  7-5-Gorgeous Kitten  8-6-Gain Ground  9-3-Crewman  10-6-Zipessa  11-8-Kasaqui  12-8-Princess La Quinta  
Del Mar 1-4-Silken Road  2-2-Casuality  3-No Selection  4-8-Amy Jean  5-2-Masterful Stride  6-10-Versante  7-1-Sudden Light  8-2-Comma Sister  9-6-Fleetwood  10-12-He's Like Violence  
Ellis Park 1-7-Heart Of Emily  2-4-Heavenly Shine  3-5-Missy Baba  4-5-I'm A Space Cowboy  5-9-Illusion's Rule  6-4-Talk Veuve To Me  7-7-Charlotte Marie  8-4-Algoliscious  9-2-Ordinary Love  
Gulfstream Park 1-4-Big Money Machine  2-5-Cheating  3-7-Just Perfect  4-9-My Lucky Nugget  5-10-Sum Roar  6-1-Transistor  7-12-Military Brat  8-8-My Johnny Be Good  9-11-Cometin  10-2-Very Very Stella  11-4-Brookside  12-1-Cyber Josh  13-5-Donna Summer  14-8-Licoreado  
Monmouth Park 1-6-Kansas City Kitten  2-1-Garden Games  3-5-Farmers Choice  4-3-It Behooves Me  5-1-Smart And Tough  6-2-U. Tee  7-7-Trish's Wish  8-2-Iron Sword  9-9-Hold Me Down  10-1-Sine Wave  11-4-Nseventeen  
Saratoga 1-7-Sammy Wonder Stone  2-7-Not Fake News  3-8-Rapid Red  4-5-Proportionality  5-3-Mcilroy  6-13-Pete Marwick  7-4-Lone Sailor  8-1-Shake Down Baby  9-4-Spartiatis  10-1-Ballagh Rocks  11-14-Shades Of Brown  
Santa Rosa 1-2-Cali Mcgee Ii  3-No Selection  4-4-Smarty Moon  5-3-Big Adventure  6-No Selection  7-1-Grits And Guts  8-1-Zorrito  9-1-Squidward  10-4-Diablo Way  
Woodbine 1-3-Spanish River  2-7-Vision Of Future  3-7-Peche Mobilee  4-8-Mohawk Style  5-8-Tomato Bisque  6-2-Scarlet Forester  7-7-Sam's Cross  8-8-Boreal Spirit  9-2-Diadura  10-5-Missy Choosey  11-9-Maritimeconnection