Friday, August 11, 2017


Arlington Park 1-5-Tail Gunner Carl  2-No Selection  3-2-Waiting On Thunder  4-5-Hart Hills Road  5-1-Prada Storm  6-9-W W Distinction  7-7-Cocos Eddy  8-4-Staria Peach  
Del Mar 1-5-Poise To Strike  2-No Selection  3-6-Rossmoor Way  4-4-Excessive Kid  5-6-Baron Charmant  6-2-Queen Of Troy  7-3-Qiaona  8-7-Action Hero  
Ellis Park 1-4-A. K. Echo  2-1A-Kieran Street  3-4-Twenty Gauge  4-2-Native Indy  5-7-Baku Dancer  6-6-Just Like Richie  7-6-Twinsanity  8-4-Classy Student  
Gulfstream Park 1-1-West Of Eden  2-No Selection  3-8-Thanks God  4-1-Riomar  5-4-Kresses  6-2-Tale Of Preseli  7-10-Indominus  8-No Selection  9-10-King Stormy  10-10-Basilica  11-13-Run Forrest Run  
Monmouth Park 1-3-Tattersail  2-1-Conquest Outlaw  3-2-Across The Bridge  4-1-Dark Roast  5-5-Too Much Malibu  6-5-Lu Lu Laura  7-7-Going Abroad  8-2-Gourmet Delight  9-No Selection  
Saratoga 1-2-Shakesperian Dream  2-5-Summer Falls  3-5-Final Encore  4-7-Shut Your Trappe  5-7-Tropical Wave  6-1-Terry O Geri  7-3-Filius Scat  8-1-Loose On The Town  9-1-Sharp Lacey  10-10-Cap's Vow  
Santa Rosa 1-5-Image Of Tomahawk  4-No Selection  5-1-Victoriously Jewel  6-No Selection  7-2-Got Tobe Awesome  8-1-Tortosa  
Woodbine 1-4-Magic Skys  2-1-Cat Zapper  3-4-Sligo One  4-3-Coleyville  5-10-Light My Path  6-4-Happyness  7-7-Thornley  8-5-Red Romeo