Sunday, August 6, 2017


Arlington Park 1-5-Princess Izabella  2-5-Miss Livingston  3-No Selection  4-No Selection  5-6-City Of Justice  6-2-Bruce's Boy  7-8-Real De Jalpa  
Del Mar 1-No Selection  2-2-Magical Lucy  3-3-Halo Girl  4-1-Shackleford Banks  5-8-Get Em Up Scout  6-7-Papa Papa Papa  7-10-Handsome Swede  8-6-Caribou Club  9-10-Whata Guess  
Ellis Park 1-5-Covington  2-No Selection  3-8-Bluemymind  4-5-Ready By You  5-No Selection  6-No Selection  7-7-Eye On Harper  8-4-Afleet Jay  9-6-Por Favor  
Gulfstream Park 1-4-U S Diva  2-2-Felifran  3-2-Il Nonno  4-4-Manolete  5-1-Couldawouldashould  6-2-Miss Visconti  7-7-It's Easy To Say  8-1-Helen Virginia  9-2-Kenitra  10-5-Off The Chain  11-10-Very Very Stella  12-4-Sara's Day  13-3-Sultanita Broy  14-7-Parabolic  
Monmouth Park 1-1-Competitive Dream  2-5-Bay Venus  3-1-Game Night  4-No Selection  5-1-Mybrotherjohnnya  6-No Selection  7-4-Mpenzisboy  8-2-Gone Astray Kiss  9-5-Nickie's Papa  10-3-Lisa's Secret  
Saratoga 1-7-All About Ashley  2-3-Matty's Magnum  3-No Selection  4-3-Slewacandy  5-6-E Warfare  6-7-Smarty Smart  7-6-Legal Precedent  8-2-Peculiar Sensation  9-2-Bow Town Cat  10-9-Mongolian Saturday  11-3-Kid Jeter  
Woodbine 1-6-Silent Empire  2-6-Bella Fabiana  3-2-Marten Lake  4-11-Vintage Time  5-1-Admiralty Pier  6-1-Wonnestrut  7-14-Who's Got It  8-3-Miss Danielle  9-4-Donnas Sweet Heart  10-14-Brews Toonie Toss  
Santa Rosa 2-No Selection  3-6-Sweet Little Zip  4-6-Oklahoma Red  5-No Selection  6-3-On Fire  7-7-Small Town Cop  8-No Selection  9-1-Golden Doughnut  10-9-Mister Fancy Bean