Saturday, August 5, 2017


Arlington Park 1-3-Cocos Eddy  2-2-Out Of The Woods  3-No Selection  4-7-Armando's Star  5-3-Chica Bonita  6-2-Sylvan Hills Boy  7-2-Bartbaalu  8-14-Go Bonnie Go  
Del Mar 1-7-C C Rocks  2-6-Above Board  3-2-Fast Pass  4-8-Curly Creek  5-9-Creme De La  6-3-Dancing Belle  7-7-Bank Walker  8-1-Amboseli  9-8-Lucky J Lane  10-9-Street Rules  
Ellis Park 1-4-Mr. Unanonymous  2-3-Manny Blue Boy  3-2-Gottsacker  4-6-American Ride  5-6-Chargers Miss  6-3-Bold Shot  7-No Selection  8-4-Candy Lou  9-3-Ma'am  
Gulfstream Park 1-7-Cheri's Win  2-1-Master Jordan  3-2-Rachel's Warrior  4-7-Inaswagger  5-3-Marco Mischief  6-5-Reed Kan  7-14-Tellbuffy  8-1-Brookside  9-10-Texas Rustler  10-2-Dragon Rouge  11-1-Right On  12-2-Tip Sheet  13-5-Cold Az Ice  14-9-Auca  15-7-El Maamadan  
Monmouth Park 1-10-Zouzou  2-No Selection  3-11-Queen Of The Party  4-No Selection  5-No Selection  6-7-Sterling's Maximus  7-8-Bid On Line  8-6-Sammy's Mineshaft  9-2-Play It Again  10-8-Brexit Revenge  11-6-High Mischief  
Saratoga 1-8-Frisky Magician  2-5-Swayze  3-No Selection  4-1A-Lago Gris  5-12-Wicked Freud  6-3-Tap Master  7-4-Our Way  8-1-Minnie Blip  9-No Selection  10-9-Sky My Sky  11-1-Bolita Boyz  
Woodbine 1-1-Mind Magic  2-8-Somersby  3-1-Last Class To Go  4-9-Forty's Sweetheart  5-4-Belle Danseuse  6-6-Red Hot Love  7-4-Agosta  8-6-Sent From Heaven  9-3-U S Marshal  10-14-Shaking The Stage  
Santa Rosa 3-2-Torre Italiana  4-6-Pepper Sharp  5-6-Game Star  6-3-Tequliaslovebandit  7-2-Cuatro Cinco  8-7-Plum Lucky  9-8-Charming Starlet  10-10-Tune To Win