Friday, August 4, 2017


Arlington Park 1-No Selection  2-No Selection  3-6-She's Pretty Cute  4-No Selection  5-10-Bulldog Of Bergen  6-6-Ready To Fight  7-No Selection  8-1-Lasting Impact  
Del Mar 1-1-Swanky Jas  2-1-Fly To Mars  3-4-Woodacouldadid  4-5-Into Rissa  5-9-Zapana's Game  6-4-Taste's Legend  7-4-Shortstormcoming  8-13-Candee Topper  
Ellis Park 1-No Selection  2-No Selection  3-7-Ticket To Riches  4-8-Kickstart  5-9-Waltzwithmecurlin  6-11-Honovi  7-4-Thirstforlife  8-7-Aggro Crag  
Gulfstream Park 1-4-Beautiful Ally  2-2-Elite Kid  3-6-Clouded Appeal  4-7-Moon Lover  5-8-Princess Victoria  6-7-Toni Ann's Miracle  7-11-Great Euphrates  8-8-El Chapito  9-12-Cat Prado  10-4-Kilo Y Medio  11-6-El Titito  
Monmouth Park 1-7-N E Johnny Francis  2-No Selection  3-No Selection  4-No Selection  5-2-Unlimited Resource  6-2-Roguery  7-No Selection  8-2-Social Network  9-4-With Wings  
Saratoga 1-1-Mazmania  2-3-Only One Wish  3-7-Hardened  4-2-Ogan's Runner  5-3-Monster Bea  6-No Selection  7-2-The Great Ronaldo  8-8-Riff Raff  9-6-Makarios  10-11-Frozen Daiquiri  
Woodbine 1-4-Speedy It's Me  2-2-Crown Prince  3-7-Icrywheni'mdrunk  4-1-Arctic Mia  5-5-Coleyville  6-4-Alert Green  7-6-Phil's Glory  8-8-Evelyn G  
Santa Rosa 1-6-Cooper's Dasher  3-No Selection  4-1-Tremors Code  5-1-Deep Thought  6-8-Euphemistic  7-9-Ali's Jem  8-2-Rebarules Again