Thursday, August 3, 2017


Arlington Park 1-1-Lights On Brite  2-No Selection  3-No Selection  4-No Selection  5-No Selection  6-7-Navy Seabee  7-7-Candy Carlos  8-6-Shaban  
Del Mar 1-6-Summer Buddha  2-No Selection  3-4-Snowdust  4-7-Liberation  5-4-Virghazi  6-10-Be A Lady  7-1-Pioneerof The West  8-3-Gold N Bold  
Gulfstream Park 1-3-La Reyna Bella  2-1-Antia  3-5-Black Shade  4-7-Private Bellamy  5-1-Proud Legacy  6-8-Have The Facts  7-7-Katherine's Drama  8-7-Tempter  9-9-Lilac Wine  10-10-Surely Temple  
Saratoga 1-5-Fall Colors  2-10-Frost Delay  3-1-Anytime Anyplace  4-5-Harbor King  5-1-Lady Blessings  6-3-May Flowers  7-6-Into Summer  8-7-Sea Raven  9-11-Pop The Hood  10-7-Majestic Mac  
Santa Rosa 2-4-Studhammer  3-4-Shez A Griller  4-4-Millennium Brew  5-9-Monsajem Accrete  6-2-Chief Tiger  7-1-Soap Box  8-6-Awesome Run